Paola Wilson

H ealing
   E mpathic
A nimal
                      R eader & Responder
Hear, Help and Heal animals

Paola is what some people would term : an Animal Communicator or an Animal  Whisperer.

Although communication is important, ultimately the focus is how to help the animal be balanced, healthy and happy in its life.
In working with your animal, Paola will ask them questions and ask them how they are feeling in order to help them to change behaviors that are affecting them and their families !

Helping animals change how they feel helps them to be happy in their life !

Paola also applies the principles of the CIA- Central Inner Alignment  and VT- Vibrational Touch in doing an energetic alignment on the animals.

Is your pet acting up ? Is your pet depressed ? Does your pet seem ill ?
Do you simply want to know how they feel ?

Animals in our lives are wonderful companions and help us in every way. They have feelings ranging from love to worries !
Let them help you be better animal leaders by listening to them !

If you have concerns about your pet or an animal, I may be the missing link  to help you communicate  with them  and they communicate with you!

A consultation with Paola , is an opportunity to have you pet share their concerns and appreciation for elements in their life.  Pets are part of our families, and as our families experience tensions and challenges,
so do our animals.

If you are feeling that this is hard for you to  process, you won't be surprised if your animal struggles also.
Help them today and you may be surprised at what you also learn about yourself from them !

Divorce, moving, the departure of a loved one, it is all part of their lives too .

Paola uses her ability to communicate with animals combined with the techniques of the CIA and VT on your pet or animal to help bring balance and happiness. The ultimate goal is to help promote Balance, Health and Happiness for a calm life with all who work with her!

Dogs really need the Central Inner Alignment due to neck collars and leashes that put them out. Most people
don’t think about what that does to the neck and hence the back of their animal.
Dogs love the Vibrational Touch too!
The initial session with a consultation about an hour  .
CIA-The Central Inner Alignment is a way to balance the brain's hemispheres and relieve your animal from shock and stress in their life.  Calmness and peace will be present for your animal after the alignment.
It includes the Vibrational Touch- VT, which gently and rapidly relieves muscular spasms and pain.

For Animals: Initial Consultation and communication with your animal & Alignment Session including CIA & VT Approx:1 hour.................................................................

For Animals: Follow-up Alignment Session including CIA & VT Approx:45 min ..........

Work can be done in person or over the phone!