What is VT ?
What is Vibrational Touch ?​
Vibrational Touch Sessions are done in conjunction with the CIA- Central Inner Alignment.  It is likely to be one of these experiences you remember fondly! Most people enjoy it and appreciate it so much, they feel like they have had a long deep massage session, yet it is  quick, gentle and the person is fully clothed and there is no need for messy oils! Some say it is the most relaxed they have felt their whole life!

A regular follow up session will help you  maintain your brain and body balance. Each alignment builds on the previous one, and 3 to 4 alignments may be needed to completely experience this wonderful effect in your life.

A good rule of thumb,  is for  each year you have been out of alignment, is to have an alignment once a week  for the equivalent number of  months .

For help with more chronic or stubborn physical and emotional concerns, or to increase the effectiveness of your first CIA/VT, you are encouraged to enjoy an alignment at least once a month.

Please read the testimonials of clients who have seen their lives change and improve through this amazing work!

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The Quantum Tension Tamer

This healing modality is nothing like you have ever experienced in the past!  It is non-massage.

With Vibrational Touch the muscles are not rubbed, poked, stroked, kneaded or pummeled into submission which leaves you feeling like you are too tired to move !  Vibrational Touch is like a gentle strumming of a guitar to create a vibration in your muscles which continues for several days and you will have a feeling of being lighter, re-energized, clear-minded and being connected .
Imagine this gentle touch on your muscles that sends a message to your brain to let go of the tension you are holding onto at this very minute ! As gentle, as the  strumming of a guitar and with the use of energy, the vibration will continue for about three days. Leaving you feeling  light and calm. You will feel lighter and the tension will go!