Bio-Align Healing
Paola Wilson
Montréal, Québec

​"Everything is formed from the contemplation of unity." Hermes Trismegistus

The TriSynergetic Process (TSP) was created for the purpose of surpassing the incessant struggle of duality-- positive/negative, good/bad, yes/no, ego (conscious)/subconscious, left/ right brain, spiritual/material, etc., to the luminous realm of genuine balance which is created in a state of pure awareness (superconsciousness) in which one's true desire can be manifested. E.g., when the essence of a male and female are joined, a potential of another being is created, something greater than the two. Similarity, the physical forces of positive and negative converge to produce light. A bulb with not light up if you attach solely a positive or a negative wire to the battery. Only when both poles of the battery are connected will the power flow to manifest light.

You can transcend the duality of what is wanted and unwanted in yourself, and your life, to create something superior through the unification of the two poles of e-motion. By allowing duality work for you instead of against you, the internal battle ceases and peace ensues. It is true that the sum is greater than its parts. You are greater than your mind, body, and emotions. The same Source that created everything that exists anywhere lives within you. That is your divine heritage as a spiritual being. It’s up to you to pass it on, or “pay it forward.” This is called the Law of Creation. When you generate the feeling internally of your ideal self and what you really want, the external existence of that desire is reflected back to you in your attitude and life experience.

The secret behind The Secret ventures beyond the trendy concept of the Law of Attraction, which tends to operate within the duality of the conscious and subconscious, of what is wanted and unwanted, which are actually two desires in need of balance; to be united into a greater desire. The Law of Attraction (LOA) concept can be troublesome because the attractive forces in physics are derived from the Attraction of Opposites, or cause and effect. Hence, the polar charges of positive and negative, respectively, protons and electrons, produce electrical energy. If you concentrate only on the positive pole, you may overload the electrical system and the ego crashes. You can try plugging into another outlet on a different circuit, i.e., another issue or take a different tactic, or reset the breaker in the brain, as many neuro-restructuring modalities aim to do, the most drastic being electric shock, or you can stop putting more amperage, stress, in the circuit, the mind and body, than it can handle. You need not reduce the amps to run at maximum capacity when there are fewer problems plugged into your personal energy grid.

In the framework for the LOA, “Positive affirmations,” prayer, and assorted types of reprogramming may in reality perpetuate the struggle between the opposite feelings. For example, how would this relate to financial trouble? First, it’s not easy to accept that being poor may actually be a desire. Continually accentuating the feeling of prosperity may improve the situation, at least temporarily, but the autosuggestion hasn’t healed the opposing feeling of poverty, and more significantly, hasn’t balanced them. Therefore, the conflict continues because you’re trapped in the duality of trying to either defeat the enemy of poverty or exalt the heroine of prosperity. Tension seeks resolution, therefore, until the balance between the extremes is attained, the pendulum will continue to swing back and forth. The solution is to call a truce and end the fighting. But a far superior solution would be to join the opposing expectations to create a more powerful and beneficial desire. The wonderful result of the merging of these mental and emotional adversaries is peace and harmony because you will know what you really want, not what you think you want. The war ends. You can focus on the Light rather the negative and positive poles, on your ultimate desire and highest good.

The TriSynergetic Process also involves recognizing and revisiting the juncture when the opposition was created, where the wanted became the unwanted; e.g., when prosperity became poverty or success to failure, love to unloved, joy to sadness, or health to illness, etc. This prevents the outbreak of another war within yourself. The true secret lies not in what you “attract”, but what you create– from the inside out, the energy you project changes your world, not merely what comes back to you. In other words, the world is a reflection of your creation– of what you are thinking and feeling, not what you “attract.” The feeling that is generated and revealed in your heart by merging the opposites of prosperity and poverty for you may be flowing, freedom, love, energy. What is the sum that is greater than the parts? This unification and balance is accomplished within the exalted realm or the Super Conscious or pure consciousness (God), where the conflict between the conscious and subconscious can be resolved. Through the Law of Creation, you are able to manifest prosperity, abundance, and confidence in your life without the fear of poverty and fear because the tension between the opposing forces is balanced. L.O.A. is more of a boomerang affect rather than a fastball over the home plate! This is why it often backfires in the long run and you return to the initial position where you started, and repeat the same patterns and lessons. When you balance the contradictions within yourself, the emotional pendulum ceases its exhausting attempt to defy gravity with broad vacillations, which frees up energy to manifest your wishes.

Become a Trybrid!

Joining THREE produced more power than two, something in addition. Four people cannot fully connect with each other. Try holding hands with four people and you'll find that someone is left out. Therefore, a powerful balance is produced by three elements. We see this in the symbol of a triangle, which may represent mind, body, and spirit. We can evolve from a binary (dualistic) based human being into a ternary being, who primarily operates on the balance of the basic 3 levels of brain: neo-cortex (primate), limbic (mammal), and brainstem (reptilian), and 3 levels of consciousness: ego/conscious, subconscious and superconscious. I call this new being a TRYBRID, one who transcends the limitations of duality, who thinks and feels in terms of yes/no AND all importantly, maybe. Idealistic and visionary inventors, such as the brilliant Nicola Tesla, are examples of a Trybrid as all great and novel ideas are birthed from that all important MAYBE. Naturally, most new ideals and inventions are first met with skepticism, then scorn, and then acceptance. Become Trybrid Being, one who is liberated from the struggle of duality by embracing the majesty of maybe. May BE, with the emphasis on BEING. We have largely become human doings. Pure consciousness is experienced in being and in the cessation of thought that occurs in the quietude of stillness. Maybe leaves space for imagination, magnificence, and the miraculous. It can liberate us from the limitations of dualistic thinking (either/or) to the triune thinking that creates infinite possibilities. The noble goal of the TriSynergetic Process is to foster a Trybrid state of existence and genuine balance, as well as to assist you in recognizing and obtaining what you truly desire.

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