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I am grateful to all my clients who have entrusted me to work with them on their healing journey. Some trips are longer than others, but each person brings with them their own healing stories. I thank you for sharing them with me here and with others you speak with. Bringing Bio-Align Healing on the lips of people when considering healing, is wonderful. I want to remind you , I do not treat, diagnose , heal or cure anything. I simply help you access, awake and tap into your own inner healer. The Body always wants to heal, sometimes it needs some coaxing along, some straightening out, all done gently  through energy!
I am here to remind you you you are a complex energetic being, with thoughts, feelings, energy and a soul!
We are not here to be zombies or act like zombies! The results of this holistic energetic healing can speak for themselves. I thank all my clients who have shared their stories, and I have their testimonials on file to read as they are added to this website. Thank you , Paola Wilson  Body Alignment Specialist.

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Before and After photos of a client who had a huge release and transformational experience with the Cental Inner Alignment CIA and Vibrational Touch VT Session that lasted about 1.5 hours- Thank you !  D. D.    Victoria, B.C.
After a traumatic event in our lives, my sons and I needed some counseling. We tried a few people but really didn't have good results. We left feeling like we had purged by talking but we weren’t healing and we weren't getting better. It was also taking up a lot of time, energy and the cost was to be considered!  We were stuck and I couldn’t see myself remaining stuck any longer! We needed to do some deeper work and we needed to all regain a sense that our lives would be ok. Then , a friend recommended Bio Align Healing to us and we thought that we would give it a try.

We came to Paola, and all three of us, although we had our own take on what had happened, we were all in pain.

I was in physical pain, and my sons, as well as having sore backs, were emotionally drained and overwhelmed in their lives by what had happened in our family. We were all in shock and trauma in various degrees. We were crooked, we were foggy in our minds, my sons were anxious and angry. School was not easy and there were many issues that cropped up which simply overwhelmed all of us.

In my first session, Paola took a picture of me. I looked and felt overwhelmed. My eyes were shocky! My shoulders were uneven.  I had back and shoulder pain for many years. In the picture one shoulder is higher than the other. She also took a picture of my feet while I layed on the massage table which showed that they were also uneven! In the past, I had simply went to chiropractors and did massage hoping for some relief which I got  temporarily, but the pain always returned.

After we did the first CIA and VT session, my back felt incredibly light and felt better! It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was as though something had been extracted from the middle of my back and I was released from years of pain. Gently and peacefully Paola used energy. There are no tools , just her hands.  It isn’t massage. She finds those knots and tender spots without any guidance from me. I simply participated by wanting to change my life and cooperating with her! It seems almost too simple from anything else I have experienced. Her mantra is "let it go!"

Paola continued to do Vibrational Touch in this session , and she explained that this releases the muscles spasms , and although my right shoulder which had been a source of much discomfort for 30 years, in the first session I  found lasting  relief. The most significant difference in me when I had the first session was in my posture . I was crooked when I arrived and when I left , both feet were touching the ground, I felt grounded and a feeling a peace inhabit me  that I had not felt in years.
It was as though my mind had cleared and the chaos had finally stopped in my head. My after picture shows me so much more calm, peaceful, and way less stress in my face... Within the first 3 sessions, family and friends started to notice the change in me , wondering if I had not opted for a beautifying procedure! I told them no! I am doing weekly alignments and getting myself balanced and looking to heal.

I later worked on issues from childhood with Paola, her TSP session helped me change how I felt about things as a child! This session was very powerful at helping me clear out the emotional toxic luggage I had carried a lot of my life.  Balance is health and happiness!

My youngest son had trouble at school with anxiety and fears. He has made tremendous progress since we started to do weekly alignments with Paola. He has become so much happier , calm and centered. He is a joy to be around. Although there continue to be issues that crop up, they no longer appear in our lives like huge crises. The three of us really feel better physically and mentally. We feel stronger, more balanced and definitely happier. We have regained our strength and can better manage the situations that once floored us. We have learned how to check for ourselves if we are out of alignment, and Paola made sure to teach us some techniques for us to manage ourselves.

My son was on a couple trips this summer, and he couldn't see Paola in person, but he experienced huge waves of anxiety that made him panic... Both on two separate occasions, over email and during a phone call,  Paola gave him an alignment without being in the same place, and his symptoms alleviated and he was back on track as though he had had a session in person! He was so grateful!

We have continued coming once a week for about 6 months. I am grateful my physical problems have been healed but more importantly, the pain from our past has left us, too. I have been able to let go of childhood traumas as well as being able to put this more recent trauma behind me. My sons have gone from misery and anger to being happy and polite to each other.
Thank you, Paola, for helping us heal ourselves and regain the sense of balance in our lives we had lost. We feel stronger and happier.  Elyse-  Victoria  BC

I had my first Session CIA- Central Inner Alignment in the Summer of 2012. I had gotten divorced and I was having a hard time letting go of my anger towards my ex-wife. I felt powerless to do anything and I felt my life was not worth living. I was so depressed, I attempted to hurt myself, but it didn't work. I talked to my friend,  and he told me about this energy stuff Paola does. He said you have  to go and see her for a session. I had nothing to lose, because, I was at the bottom of the barrel ! My first session was very emotional for me. I was very tense and my right side was very tense. It represented my partner, actually my ex-partner ! I surrendered to the experience and I said yes when she asked  me if I wanted to release the pain in my body and my heart. After this session, I felt lighter, and it was not so foggy, less grey in my head. I could breathe better and I felt clearer in my thoughts.  I learned that I had disconnected my head and my heart. So after Paola did the Boost, my head was more clear and my feelings of anger diminished. Then with Vibrational Touch, she helped me release hundreds of muscle spasms! I was wound up like a tight knot. I felt lighter and better. It was the first time, after my deep moment of depression, where I actually felt there was hope. I continued to do sessions with her, sometimes even over the phone, when I got big anxiety attacks.

She helped me get out of shock and start to build myself back up. I have two wonderful children who deserve to have a father in their life, and who love me and who I love very much. I can't thank Paola enough for what she helped me to feel. I was on a track of destruction and now I am better. I got a job, I see my children and I have mourned the loss of my old life but I have a new life. I brought both my children to see Paola, and my oldest felt so much better. He released a lot of tension and aggression. I would not be here if it weren't for  my good friend who told me to come see her ! She did a TSP Session with me, and I got to see my Ego and face myself. This has been an intense period of growth for me, and if I had gone, I would never have seen the possibilities in my life ! If you feel depressed, call her and she will do an amazing alignment and it can change your life ! I am still here, and I am living proof, there is always hope. I can't thank her enough for her patience and her work with me.
-  Hamid M. Vancouver, BC

Vivian attended the lecture on June 24th and followed-up with a BioAlignHealing Session during the healing week-end. I had had uneven hips for a long time and had sought out several healing modalities. One CIA and VT Session yielded very positive results for me! I called Paola back a week later to say that my hips were balanced and even and that I had not seen them that way in a long time!<< I thank you for such a wonderful healing. My hips are absolutely in balance with one another. I have not seen them in balance before!>>  Vivian, Qualicum Beach B.C.

Pendant plus de 30 ans, j'ai eu les épaules inégales, mon pied gauche était plus long que mon pied droit, et j'avais des cernes profonds sous les yeux.
Lors d'une visite chez Paola Wilson, le 2 Septembre 2013, elle m'a proposé de faire une session pour faire un alignement d'énergie ; depuis cette session "indolore", je me suis sentie renouvellée.

Mes épaules sont maintenant au même niveau, mes pieds et mes jambes sont de la même longueur, et je marche sans perdre l'équilibre....
Les cernes autour de mes yeux sont moins profonds, et moins apparents.
Tout mon visage et mon corps sont rajeunis!
Merci Paola de m'avoir aidée!

Monique Fortin, 78 ans
Victoria, 5 septembre 2013

For more than 30 years, my right shoulder was lower than my left, my left foot was longer than my right, and I had deep circles under my eyes~
On a recent visit to Paola Wilson's (on Sept. 2nd 2013) she performed an "energy alignment" to restore my body's balance...

This painless procedure renewed my energy, my shoulders now sit straight and my feet are the same length...~
My face is looking a lot better as the deep lines under my eyes are not as obvious, and the wrinkles seem to be filled in....
For the first time in a long time,the two sides of my face are even.
Thank Paola for helping me!!!

Monique Fortin, 78 years old.
Visiting her daughter in Victoria !

On January 16th 2012, I had planned to go and get an energy alignment  at BioAlign as I had pain in my back and shoulders. Having missed my appointment time that morning because I was so sick, I got a friendly phone call asking me if I was ok and was I coming today or would I like to reschedule.

I had to explain in a week voice and apologize that I was too sick to even get up, and I was in pain , suffering from a bladder infection....I was offered, if I wanted to try it, a session over the phone....
She asked me what number my pain was and I said 9/10. At this point, I accepted working over the phone because all I had to lose was my pain.

In a heartbeat, Paola performed a CIA Boost on me and I felt like the wave of energy she was sharing reached me ! Soon I wasn't in pain anymore....I ended up feeling so much better! I was a 2/10 when she was done and I felt a calm and peace come over my whole body. We talked about the emotional stuff that was going on in my life, and I was soon able to connect the dots. It was like a miracle. When I got off the phone 45 minutes later, I was fine. Then by the afternoon , I walked downtown to go shopping!!!  
Paola was totally able to help me get rid of my pain, and I didn’t even have to fill out the antibiotic prescription I had obtained from my doctor’s appointment the evening before. I did not have to go through a 10 day treatment of pills. I never got a re-occurrence since.
On other occasions, I have had the chance to work in person with Paola, but that first experience over the phone was one I will never forget!
If you have the chance, come and experience this painless procedure and say goodbye to your pain, do it! If you have any doubts that it works, try it once and you will be AMAZED!

Thank you Paola!

Hélène Blake, Victoria BC

I started seeing Paola a year ago and had my first CIA- Central Inner Alignment. Anyone who knew me, would describe me as outwardly angry person. People walked around me like if they were walking on eggshells because  they never knew what I would do or how I would react ! So many things frustrated me. My parents got divorced, my Dad remarried and all the stress and craziness of people's life around me contributed to how I was feeling. Working with Paola , helped me clear my thoughts and feelings. Now, when I get stressed or experience a shock in my life whether it is emotional or physical, I come for an alignment and feel better!
Recently on a ski trip, I hurt myself and was unable to move my head side to side, I went to see her the next day, and within an hour of having a CIA and VT Session, my mobility returned to my neck and head and I began to heal ! As it turns out, I had emotional issues tied to my injury, and she also helped me see the link between my physical pain and my emotional pain!  Now, I live my life  and I take on what I can , the rest I let it go ! Paola has taught me how to get on with my life and to listen to my heart and mind and to balance them !  Mary-Victoria B.C.

We have experienced first hand Paola's incredible healing gift over the  least 3 years and have always had wonderful Sessions with her.

Recently I brought my daughter to see Paola, of Bio AlignHealing, for an alignment and healing session. This visit was more serious in nature as my daughter had had a vitreous hemorrhage...bleeding into the vitreous humour inside her eye. The blood inside her eye was obstructing her vision causing almost total blindness. When reading about this situation, I learned that it can take months for the body to absorb and get rid of the blood. The average rate of absorption should be about 10% per month. It didn't look like a very nice path to have to go down because my daughter is already blind in her other eye and this hemorrhage was in her seeing eye.

From talking to Paola, I knew that she had done work on people with bruises and had had some success helping speed up recovery process with her healing energy. The bruises seemingly disappear. So I imagined this would also be the case for my daughter. Upon returning from my consult with the retinal specialist (Wednesday evening), I told Paola my story and asked if she would work on my daughter the next day.
She agreed and worked on my daughter remotely ( as though we were over the phone but we weren’t ) that evening and we followed it up with a visit the next day!

The day following the in-person Session, my daughter reported being able to see about 80% of what she normally saw. Over the next 3 days, she reported to be at 95%of her vision.
On Tuesday evening when I returned my daughter to the hospital to have another eye ultrasound, the ophthalmologist was amazed and asked how she was walking into the appointment on her own. Upon examining her eye, it was discovered that an ultrasound was not needed because the blood was almost gone. The amount of healing that had taken place from Wednesday until Tuesday was "almost unheard of".

We still have some follow up examination to be done, but I am confident that no surgical intervention will be required because my daughter can see. I am also confident that Paola's treatments are responsible for the rapid and "unheard of" rate of healing and I wish to thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping us. This is testimony to the fact that the Sessions done by Paola, of Bio-Align Healing, are the best! Thank you!  Toni-Victoria B.C.