Bio-Align Healing

Paola Wilson
A Regular and Follow Up Session will help you maintain your brain and body balance. Each alignment builds on the previous one, and 3 to 4 alignments may be needed to completely experience this wonderful effect in your life.
A good rule of thumb, is for each year you have been out of alignment, is to have an alignment once a week for the equivalent number of months .
For help with more chronic physical and emotional concerns, or to increase the effectiveness of your first CIA/VT. You are encouraged to enjoy an alignment at least once a month.
Please read the testimonials of clients who have seen their lives change and improve through this amazing work!
For Adults: Regular Alignment including CIA & VT Approx:45 minutes ...................................

For Children under 12: Regular  Alignment Session Approx:30-45 min.........................

The initial session with a consultation is between an hour and an hour and a half . It starts with a short health review questionnaire, a postural survey and a life stress assessment.
Before and after pictures are taken to show you what postural changes have occurred with the alignment.
CIA-The Central Inner Alignment is a way to balance the brain's hemispheres and relieve you from shock and stress from everyday life. Therefore,you are left feeling clear-headed, connected, present, and joyful. It includes the Vibrational Touch- VT, which gently and rapidly relieves muscular spasms and pain.

For Adults: Initial Consultation & Alignment including CIA & VT Approx: 1.5 hours.....................

For Children under 12: Initial Consultation & Alignment :
including CIA & VT Approx: 1 hour........................

I started offering sessions to  children and saw positive results quickly!  When I take before and after pictures of children's uneven feet, hips , shoulders and cheeks, they love to see the progress they have made in minutes
See the Before and After pictures!
Children love the alignments and they immediately feel happier in their lives!
Children that do sports that require balance- benefit greatly from alignments as they body can better perform if it is even and balanced! Children recognize quickly when they have had a shock or trauma and check their cheeks to see
they are more like the photo on the left! after an alignment, they love that feeling of feeling the ground beneath their feet- ''my feet are touching the ground under each foot ! '' The pictures below show
on the LEFT- Before the CIA alignment                         and    on the RIGHT after! Notice how even feet and cheeks are

Left-Before the CIA- Central Inner Alignment     Time: 5:41 pm          Right-After the CIA- Central Inner Alignment      Time:  5:50 pm
Heels are uneven, indicating one leg is longer than the other              Right-Heels are even, legs have aligned and are even lengths  

Check now to see if your cheekbones are uneven.
By placing the index finger under each cheekbone and looking in the mirror you will see if you are aligned!
If one finger is closer to the bottom of your nose and the other closer to your lips,

Call Paola for an alignment session today!

Left-Before the CIA- Central Inner Alignment Time: 4:26 pm                Right-After the CIA- Central Inner Alignment Time: 4:32 pm
Left- Fingers show how  the cheekbones are uneven.                           Right- After the CIA-Cheekbones are pretty even!

Depending on how long you have been out of alignment the bones will realign to where they want to be. There can be a shift of 1/2 inch or 1 inch . Several alignments may be required to be 100% EVEN!
I started offering sessions to my own children. They would have a shock at school and come home upset and tired or upset. After the alignment, they would be ready to get back to just being themselves. They became more balanced, stronger, focused and peaceful. They grew in patience and wisdom with regular alignments ! After I started seeing the benefits of the alignments in my immediate family, they started to talk about it.  Then, the children's friends soon heard that I worked with energy. When they came over, they asked me what I did, I said , I can show you, rather than explain it to you. They thought it was cool. When they  experienced it, they would simply feel all the tension and worries leave their body. It is in experiencing  the central inner alignment and and vibrational touch that you experience the profound release of * muscle spasms. Then there is a point where peace quickly returns to your body and you feel revitalized and serene. This is the moment pain leaves and you truly feel joyful and free.