What is the CIA ?
What is the Central Inner Alignment ?​


Paola Wilson

People ask me "Why do I need an alignment ?"
and they add:'' I think, I am doing just fine....
 I don't have any pain, except  for a little here, and a little there... ''

I ask them how they are feeling emotionally...

 I start the initial consultation asking questions and determining where you are balanced and unbalanced in your life. 
My clients report not feeling much , and then we start to talk , and the fact that they are willing to look at the hints and indicators their body has been giving them, maybe even for years in the form of pain and discomfort,  come to realize there is always something to improve upon .

Pain is not something to expect, but an indicator in our life that something is out of balance.

I encourage my clients to listen to their bodies and take a cue from it, so they can address how they are feeling,
rather than spending their lives
disconnecting,  disassociating or being drugged.

Our body wants to feel good: Happiness and Joy are our birthright. Freedom from pain is the way we are meant to feel and live!

My own children know to  come to me for an alignment when they feel off their game!
They have also commented on how much better life is when they are aligned!
Their friends see the difference in them  and ask for alignments too!

The Big Questions to ask yourself are :

Do I have too much stress in my life? 
Do I have pain in my body?
Do I want find help and also learn to help myself?

Call Paola for an alignment session today!

How would I rather feel ?
In alignment
Not stressed

helps relax your body
and help you feel stable in your life!
Did you know that according to
Dr. Hans Selye,
unrelieved stress is the cause of all disease ?

Ask yourself where
you fit on this Stress Meter?
Not Stressed  -  Stressed -  Very Stressed

The graphics for The Central Inner Alignment logo and Vibrational Touch logo are  created by Carla Muth and are used here gratefully with her permission.
When your body is out of alignment  you are like a crooked stool or crooked table on the left! One leg is longer than the other causing you to be wobbly and to be out of balance in your body and consequently in your mind as well which in turn affects your life. 
The Central Inner Alignment , a gentle yet powerful energetic technique can quickly balance your brains hemispheres giving you a brain lift!  It gently aligns the spine, relaxes muscle tension in minutes, and rapidly relieves pain (in person or over the phone).
The CIA is designed to quickly relieve SHOCK by elevating the consciousness up from the lower brain stem (survival mode) to the higher human and spiritual brain (neo-cortex) as well as synchronize the two brain hemispheres. To be a whole brain thinker!
After a CIA, the client feels energized, peaceful and can think more clearly. And then the body, starts to heal itself. Misaligned in our lives, we spend our energy tried to become balanced, this energy is then freed after a CIA to be available for self-healing!