Bio-Align Healing

Paola Wilson
Montréal, Quebec

The graphics for The Central Inner Alignment logo and Vibrational Touch logo are  created by Carla Muth and are used here gratefully with her permission.

Why won't your physical or emotional problem heal? (why you're still sick...)
What do you want to change the most in yourself or in your life?
Do you know how really think and feel about yourself (or others)?
What causes you the most emotional pain? (emotional aid...)
Are you in shock? (symptoms...)


As a conduit for Life Force energy, Paola can give your body a jump start to speed up the natural healing process. This 1½ hours session is for more chronic problems. The goal is to free you from suffering by bringing the body and emotions into balance, and finding harmony between your Ego and Inner Self (the material & spiritual). Most ailments have emotional or mental origins-- shock conflicts. Without freeing these internal mindsets and the causes, a condition might not fully heal or may recur.

Is your emotional and mental health as important to you as your physical health? We cannot escape our own feelings and mind patterns because they form the nature of what is seen. We see what we expect to or are trained to see. This is why people can be so passionate and stubborn about their beliefs. We get the evidence in our experiences that support whatever we believe. We act and make choices based on our thoughts and emotions so it is vital to recognize them. To focus on healing one aspect (symptom) of a person (body, mind, spirit, or emotions) is like a mechanic replacing a fan belt but ignoring an obvious leak coming from a hose or the misalignment of the wheels.

This BEB session is a bold process which helps you to see patterns in your life and to release internal blocks created by your unresolved emotional trauma and thoughts underlying a condition. As an empath, Paola can help you to know what you are truly feeling, and not what you have been taught or obligated to feel. It's hard to heal what you can't feel. She honors all emotions as she calmly guides you through the various levels of what you are feeling. Once you understand the problem (WHY you are angry, sad, depressed, guilt, undecided, etc) you can decide what you would prefer to think and feel. You have a choice and you don't have to continue feeling the way you have in the past. E.g., you can change powerlessness (or unworthy, unwanted, incapable, angry, etc.) to feeling powerful (or creative, confident, strong, secure...). The key to success is being out of shock-- feeling grounded, calm, even, and stable. From a high meditative state and energy, Paola can assist you in swiftly attaining this balanced state. When you are fully aware of your emotions, and learn how to process them to connect with your intuition, realize how your beliefs and past experiences have influenced you, and have illuminated core problems, you will feel as if you are starting life anew, one that is teeming with fresh possibilities, insight, creativity, and joy.
Bio-Emotional Balancing (BEB)