Bio Align Healing

Paola Wilson B. Ed. B.A.S
Montreal , Quebec

We have experienced first hand Paola's incredible healing gift over the least 3 years and have always had wonderful Sessions with her.

Recently I brought my daughter to see Paola, of Bio Align Healing, for an alignment and healing session. This visit was more serious in nature as my daughter had had a vitreous hemorrhage...bleeding into the vitreous humour inside her eye. The blood inside her eye was obstructing her vision causing almost total blindness. When reading about this situation, I learned that it can take months for the body to absorb and get rid of the blood. The average rate of absorption should be about 10% per month. It didn't look like a very nice path to have to go down because my daughter is already blind in her other eye and this hemorrhage was in her seeing eye.

From talking to Paola, I knew that she had done work on people with bruises and had had some success helping speed up recovery process with her healing energy. The bruises seemingly disappear. So I imagined this would also be the case for my daughter. Upon returning from my consult with the retinal specialist (Wednesday evening), I told Paola my story and asked if she would work on my daughter the next day.
She agreed and worked on my daughter remotely ( as though we were over the phone but we weren’t ) that evening and we followed it up with a visit the next day!

The day following the in-person Session, my daughter reported being able to see about 80% of what she normally saw. Over the next 3 days, she reported to be at 95%of her vision.
On Tuesday evening when I returned my daughter to the hospital to have another eye ultrasound, the ophthalmologist was amazed and asked how she was walking into the appointment on her own. Upon examining her eye, it was discovered that an ultrasound was not needed because the blood was almost gone. The amount of healing that had taken place from Wednesday until Tuesday was "almost unheard of".

We still have some follow up examination to be done, but I am confident that no surgical intervention will be required because my daughter can see. I am also confident that Paola's treatments are responsible for the rapid and "unheard of" rate of healing and I wish to thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping us. This is testimony to the fact that the Sessions done by Paola, of Bio-Align Healing, are the best!

​Thank you! Toni-Victoria B.C.