Welcome to a NEW concept in healing.

Inspired by  a truly amazing  experience in healing for myself after a shoulder dislocation, I needed to know how , the creator  and founder of e-HEALING, Carla Muth, was able to help me heal so quickly. Needing no office, no instruments  working with me over the phone, simply using energy.  I felt everything shift, align , change, move and I can say I felt the cells of my body get in line and start cooperating with one another again after the SHOCK of falling on the ice while skating . Then , the further SHOCK of seeing my shoulder in front of me instead of to the side.  My pain level was a 14 out of 10, and to give you an idea,  I considered childbirth a 10 / 10 in pain ! 

I had x-rays and then after confirming the inevitable,  I was sedated and my arm was "knocked back " into place. I left the hospital, drugged and groggy and my shoulder, arm and body felt battered , bruised and my shoulders were uneven and twisted. My doctor told me I would need a good 6 months of physio to get the full use  and range of motion back in my arm.  My reality was, I did not have 6 months to do physio and get better. My life included physical work and I needed my mobility back NOW!


By the time I woke up the next morning, the pain was acute and the medication had worn off. So I thought immediately about the lady we had seen a few months back doing a demonstration and lecture on Shock, Trauma, Pain and Emotions. I suffered silently the whole day because sometimes I procrastinate before seeking help, then after I had had enough pain and hurt, I called for help the next day.
In about a 45 minute  session of CIA and VT over the phone, I went from being immobilized, sore and afraid of making the slightest movement with my arm to recovering a full-range of motion. It was INCREDIBLE! It was not in my circle of understanding, but there I was feeling better, relieved from the lingering soreness and pain. One minute I felt it, the next moment I did not. To me this was miraculous.
The following day, I had an appointment with my family doctor, who said to me , seeing how well I was doing, "maybe it was not dislocated!!!" I assured him it was and he could check the x-rays ! 
The changes and healing continued.I had never felt my body making so many changes inside it. During the phone alignment, I felt my body align and untwist. And for the following next three days, the best way to describe it  is, I felt the energy, coaxing and helping my healing at the cellular level. It was like connections were being made again and every cell was now out of SHOCK and feeling more peaceful and calm. The message to my body was :'' the  crisis was over , everyone back to work !''
That week, I was able to clean house, go back to my job and follow through on my normal duties.
To me this was truly, amazing. I have had injuries before and this was the fastest I had ever recovered from any such physically painful experience. I cannot tell you strongly enough, my first Alignment  CIA was a life changing event for me and inspired me in many other areas of my life. I connected to the possibilities I had never considered before: I am responsible for my thoughts, my actions and my pain in my life. I can also take responsibility for healing them !

The inspirational part of this experience is that I finally got to feel the pain, which I had not yet felt, from the  recent marriage breakdown with my first husband who chose an alternate lifestyle after being married for 20 years. With the healing of this left shoulder, I formally started my all-around healing journey. I , with the help of an Empath, someone who knows what others are truly feeling, even though they may not be able to put it into words... began to want to heal!
I did sessions to work through many issues in my life, which I had over my marriage addressed through counseling, self-help books  but I never really came to a place of peace or resolving the depth of the issues not truly understanding the effects these had in my life until then. It seemed more like all the stuff I had done was crisis management, rather than providing me with long-lasting changes and becoming a stronger more grounded person in my life. I have continued to do emotional work and regularly do sessions to keep myself in tune.

That same year, within 10 days of my marriage break-down, our family suffered another huge SHOCK, of having my step-father, my mom's husband of over twenty years, die suddenly. She and I both suffered huge tragedies that year.  My mom later broke her right wrist . After her alignment with Carla she described the following !
"When I lost my husband, my whole life changed. I felt like a different person. I could not focus anymore and my thoughts and feelings were detached and in chaos. As a result, I fell and broke 2 bones in my right hand. Two days later after talking to Carla on the phone and having an ALIGNMENT, my fingers were able to move and there was no pain. I was out of shock. I feel very clear headed and everything around me seems so bright now. I have found myself again. I am filled with joy and happiness and emanate a sense of deep peace. My energy flows out of me in such a positive manner. I am so profoundly grateful to Carla and for finding the courage within myself to experience what this alignment (and deeper emotional work) has helped me to feel in my life. I wish everyone could experience this joy!" ..........Manon, Parksville, BC

Seeing my mom come out of this fog, further inspired me to want to learn how this was done. Today, my years of coaching and self-mastery and hard work are paying off. My mom comes to me for alignments regularly. The quality of her life has improved and if you could see her today, you would be really inspired. She has gotten on with her life, and embraces life fully. She is very accomplished in  Tai Chi but has followed recently a new passion in her life for Tango dancing ! At 70 years of age, she has found her joy and happiness again and I am grateful to share her journey with her.

The work I have done through the Emotional Sessions have helped me become a Clear Conduit and Empath- one who senses and feels how others are feeling, even if they can not put it into words. This is an immeasurable part of being able to do this work with people. I am forever grateful for the courage, time, patience and clarity this work has brought into my life ! And it is through this work, that I now gratefully help others, in their lives.

Since 2005, I have studied and been mentored by Carla Muth in this healing modality. It has become my life's work. The opportunity to run energy and activate healing in clients has been a true and humble  joy for me. In September 2013, sadly Carla Muth, my mentor and my friend passed away. She has left me the responsibility of continuing her work , research and development , and I do so with a relentless passion and commitment. Let me share our energy with you today  so you too can feel the DIVINE AND BE ALIGNED!

Paola Wilson
Montréal, Quebec